Toro de Fuego – Bull on Fire

Toro Jubilo is a festival that takes place every November in Soria, Spain. During this event, balls of flammable tar are attached to the horns of bulls and then set on fire. The terrified animals are tied to posts in public squares or released to run madly through the streets—burning in agony for hours. During fire bull “fiestas”, bulls not only have to endure torches flaming above their heads, they are also taunted by spectators as firecrackers explode around them in a grotesque spectacle for the entertainment of people. Many scared bulls reportedly crash into walls in blind terror. Their bodies are later eaten by participants who believe that the flesh of the tortured bulls provides fertility and invincibility.

Visit for more information on how to help end this cruel practice, or sign the petition here:

May all beings be free from harm.

May all beings be free of the desire to harm others.

May all beings be free of suffering.


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