Police Shoot Max the Rottweiler – Hawthorne, CA

Max_FB-300x226 rottweiler-dog-Max-dead__1

The police arrested this man because the loud music coming from his car was impeding their investigation of a robbery and he refused to turn it off. When the police make their intention to arrest him clear, he immediately cooperates, returns the dog to the car and dutifully turns his back so the police can handcuff him. The dog, Max, wiggles through an open window, desperate to save his owner. He barks at the police but does not attack, and his body language does not suggest he will attack. (Not shown in this video, one police officer extends a hand to the dog so the dog can sniff it and tries to grab his collar but the dog moves away.) At this point, since the man was not a risk to himself or others, the cops could have let him go temporarily to restrain his pet or to call someone to come get the dog. Instead, they shoot the dog. The man’s knees buckle as he watches his dog bleed to death in the road, unable to comfort his dog in any way. The dog writhes in agony. The man cries out in agony. Bystanders look on with open-mouthed sympathetic agony. No one can do anything but look on.

May all beings be free of fear.

May all beings be free of pain.

May all beings be free of suffering.


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